The Keys To The Conspiracy Are In Your Third Hand

By Thanong Khantong

And around and around we go, circling the metaphorical mulberrry-bush of global and, as it turn out, galactic geopolitics in the latest battle for the Kingdom’s future – and past, since time as we understand it does not apply at the sub-atomic level where the power-brokers reside.

Sondhi L, once the dance-partner of a pre-premier Thaksin Shinawatra, then the head guru at the Suvarnabhumi ashram of 2008, managed to be just bulletproof enough in his shot-up car but is now facing 20 “bullets” in prison for fraud related to loans taken to support Manager. Having turned against the Democrats and gone strangely silent about Yingluck, Sondhi’s PAD has nothing to rally its hand-clap troops beyond defending Article 112.

Yet neither he nor the free press agitators who think Western-style dialectics can somehow simultaneously make rain and and hold back floodwaters have touched upon the Big Picture. Both sides are fighting the wrong war, like ants and termites struggling for a patch of ground, unaware that the shade does not come from a cloud, but from a giant foot that is poised above them. Thailand is about to lose its soul, for sure, but not from where you think. It will take more than three punches to the face of Nitirat to stop the approaching calamity.

The weekend fire at the FICO building, for example, was not an accident. Fires are never accidents, scientifically speaking, because the rapid oxidation of combustible materials in the presence of ambient heat only happens with the precise co-operation of all three elements. Two or more elements working together is, by definition, a conspiracy. Look it up. The question is, who are the powerful backers of oxygen, heat, and fuel in this country? And to what end would they work together?

The smog levels in Chiang Mai have reached health-crisis proportions, essentially a limiting action on the part of oxygen’s puppet-masters. Meanwhile the rest of Thailand being seized by a heat wave following a suspiciously short winter. Remember, weather is a billion-dollar industry with military implications, and Thailand’s only citizen capable of controlling weather, His Majesty the King, has been in hospital for over two years. What better opportunity to take control of the atmosphere above our very heads?

It’s a densely layered mechanic, like a burrito of dark truth, or maybe a falafel sandwich, which connects us to the Greek debt crisis and the fascist austerity control of the euro being exercised by the same Germans who saw fit to try and steal the private plane of the heir to the Chakri throne. To claim austerity while commandeering luxury aircraft is a bald contradiction unworthy of industrious, Caucasian peoples. The Asian century has dawned.

As many prescient doomsayers and brightly-colored websites have noted, the Mayan calendar ends in 2012, making Thailand an even more important piece in the new order because we alone have the calendar that puts us safely in 2555. Only a fool cannot see that the world will envy and covet our exclusive cultural escape pod from prophecy. As the dark forces and panicked masses rush towards our city on a hill, abandoning their worthless Apple stocks and Chinese mineral rights behind them, the Yingluck government will finally learn the true meaning of a good floodwall.

It’s as clear as the nose on my face.