Reasons for Banning “Shakespeare Must Die”

The Thai Film Board banned “Shakespeare Must Die,” a Thai adaptation of Macbeth. What was their reasoning?

Facebook Buys Instagram For US$1 Billion?

Photo-sharing network Instagram was just bought out by Facebook for a cool billion dollars. What do you think? Miaow Vorawan Veerapong Hi-So Student PAD Member Investor “A billion? That’s like fifty cents for every picture of my cat.” “Great. I can’t wait to start using Instagram to attack people who don’t love the King.” “Maybe together they can... 


Distributor for NTN T-shirts. No, really. Watch this space.


Thai news channel that will break from royal funeral coverage when, you know, an 8.9 earthquake happens nearby.

Hundreds Killed By Tsunami Of People Fleeing Beaches

BANDA ACEH, INDONESIA – Tragedy struck this coastal region again as over 600 people were killed by a massive tsunami of people fleeing the beaches in anticipation of an actual tsunami. At approximately 2:45 local time on Wednesday afternoon, reports of an 8.9-magnitude earthquake came from the US Geological Survey, setting off tsunami alarms in 28 countries bordering the Indian Ocean. Tragically,...