Influential figure to overrule three-month jail sentence. Otherwise I talk, and you don’t want that. Contact: Sondhi L.


Coherent strategy, human appeal, stronger hair gel. Also, Ohio. Contact GOP, ask for Mitt.

Thai Foreign Minister Appeases Muslims, US By Opposing Free Speech, Religious Tolerance

BANGKOK – Amidst a growing crisis between the United States and Muslims angry over a low-budget American-made film insulting the prophet Muhammed, Foreign Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul took a moderate and diplomatic stance by staunchly denouncing both free speech and religious tolerance. “The position of the Kingdom of Thailand is that we support the Muslim demand for censoring art, while also... 

Washington Square Demolition Leaves Bangkok’s Elderly Sexpats Lost, Confused

MID-SUKHUMVIT – Bangkok’s senior sex tourist population is facing its greatest crisis in decades as the demolition of the nightlife zone known as Washington Square has left them with nowhere to go. Dozens, and sometimes up to a hundred portly Western men with bad skin, aged 55-80, have been reported wandering around the Sukhumvit Soi 22 area since June, when final eviction orders forced the closure...