Chinese Government Supporting Jeremy Lin This Week

Jeremy-Lin-Rockets-vs.-HornetsBEIJING – The People’s Republic Of China is officially recognizing the existence of American NBA player Jeremy Lin this week, according to a short article from the state news agency Xinhua.

The article shows a picture of the Houston Rockets point guard, and highlights his three consecutive games scoring over 20 points per game, strengthening his team’s playoff position.

“Ethnic Chinese basketball player Jeremy Lin, whose maternal grandmother is from mainland China, continues to be an integral part of the Houston Rockets, the same team that once featured Chinese player future hall-of-famer Yao Ming,” stated the article in part.

“Chinese people around the world support his efforts in the world of professional basketball, and celebrate his role as an ambassador for sport and peace between nations,” it continued.

The article is a reversal of the government’s previous ban on mentioning Jeremy Lin, a policy that was initiated in October last year when Lin tweeted a greeting to “all my family and friends in Taiwan, home of my heart.”

No mention was made in the article of Taiwan, Lin’s devout Christian faith, or the existence of James Harden.