Yingluck Asks Prada Salesgirl For More Serious-Looking Handbag

yingluck-shinawatra-gallery (1)RATCHPRASONG — Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra made another bold move to shore up her political credibility last week by seeking the most serious-looking handbag available.

While shopping at the Prada store at Gaysorn Plaza on Friday, the prime minister shunned the latest collection on display and asked sales associate Meethavai Supalai for something that looked “more prime-minister-y.”

“Normally she just goes for the new arrivals because she wants to be up to date,” said Meethavai. “But this time she looked me right in the eye and put a hand on my shoulder and said, ‘Do you have anything that matches the interior of Parliament?’”

Meethavai then showed the prime minister a series of top-handles and totes, which were eventually narrowed down to five bags that, according to Yingluck, made the correct statement.

“Specifically, she wanted a bag that said ‘lawmaker and technocrat’ – which I didn’t quite understand, so I just showed her every bag that didn’t have ruffles or jewel adornments,” said Meethavai. “She eliminated the ones with two-tone leather and then we had our finalists.”

Yingluck tried each remaining bag on in front of the three-way mirror, asking questions such as “Does this one look determined?” and “Do I look like I’m about to pass a law?” to Meethavai as well as her own accompanying staff.

Eventually selecting a cobalt blue tote, largely because one staffer told her it looked “presidential,” Yingluck paid for the bag and asked Meethavai what she thought German chancellor Angela Merkel might wear to work.

When Meethavai said that she thought Angela Merkel carried a Kate Spade bag, Yingluck gasped in horror, shook her head in disbelief, and left.