MH370 Search Planes Spot Floating Rohingya Refugees, Dismiss As “Unrelated Debris”

SOUTH INDIAN OCEAN – The ongoing saga of locating Malaysia Airlines flight 370 took another disappointing turn today as search planes discovered that many of the large objects seen by satellites were just floating rafts full of Rohingya refugees. At approximately 8am this morning Perth time, a US navy P8 aircraft passed over what initially appeared to be a large floating object, the first human contact... 

900 Tons Of Unsold Red-White-Blue Protest Crap Donated To US Republicans

WASHINGTON – In what is being hailed as a landmark act of political recycling, hundreds of tons of yet-unsold Thai-flag themed accessories are being shipped to the United States, where they will be given as a gift to members of the US-based Republican Party. The decision was announced today by a consortium of small business manufacturers and retailers who collectively have about 900 tons of tacky... 

1 in 4 Bangkokians Suffering From Post-Traumatic Whistle Disorder

  BANGKOK – Following months-long protests on the streets of the nation’s capital, physicians are now reporting that a shockingly high percentage of city’s residents are experiencing serious medical problems directly related to the sustained endurance of Thai political theater. In a new paper published in this month’s Journal of Asian Medicine, doctors and researchers at Bangkok General... 


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