Social Divisions End As Thais Move Forward Together Singing

BANGKOK, PROVINCES – Years of political divided-ness came to an end in the united and prosperous Kingdom of Thailand this week as Thais all over Thailand came together to endlessly celebrate the togetherness of working together for the benefit of all Thai peoples and the society at large.

Happy happy joy joy.

Happy happy joy joy.

Elections were postponed by overwhelming demand of true majority who see the essence of beautiful Thailand in the new smiles of the no more political party world of what is now.

Many can be seen in the street singing patriot songs and helping each other, for example in traffic when it is someone else’s turn to go but you don’t. On television even the celebrities who are most watched have confirmed that the society feels different and that no more fighting brings happiness to their heart.

On Facebook and Twitter, many Thais are well-wishing to the new society and thanking the army and the Buddhism, also their mothers and fathers who have shown them the guidance and wisdom of knowing what is right. Some even cry their tears in Emojis to show their passion and love for their nation and King.

Not just the Bangkok but upcountry and in the Islam south where bombs have killed so many, yet stand high as the Thai together now and step towards tomorrow brightly.

Thailand strong Thailand.