Thais Happy With Happiness of Thai-way of Being Happy


BANGKOK, PROVINCES – A Suan Dusit Poll of 1,200 Thai people asking “Why are you happy, and why is your happiness now more happy than before?” revealed that Thais are all very happy, but in some slightly differing ways.

About 15% said that they were happy that the things that were making them unhappy have been made to go away, while 17% said that their happiness felt happier because they were seeing happy images and messages on TV, which made them happy.

Everything is awesome.

Everything is awesome.

Just over 23% of respondents said that they saw that others seemed happy, and 28% said that in addition to being happy today, they also had the memory of being happy yesterday, which adds to their happiness more and more.

Over 67% said that they believed that the nation was happier than previously, because the poll suggested that there was more happiness. About 72% believed that Thai culture and the Thai way of life was a source of happiness.

When asked whether they believed that happiness came from His Majesty the King’s leadership, His Majesty the King’s moral example, His Majesty the King’s hard work for the people’s happiness, or a combination of His Majesty the King’s qualities and other things not listed, 100% of the respondents chose an answer that included His Majesty the King.