The Coup Has Benefited Everyone. How Has It Benefited You?

    Miaow, Hi-So Nid, ex-PDRC Protester Fritzl, Sex Tourist “I guess I’m still really rich, so — thanks! “Now the only corruption is the kind I personally instigate.” “Fucking the poor is now state policy. Hooray!”

What Reforms Would You Like To See First?

The NCPO has promised reforms. What would you reform first?   Miaow, Hi-So Nid, PDRC Protester Fritzl, Sex Tourist “Wait, we get to pick them?That is so cooool.” “Actually, absolute militarycontrol was the only one Iwanted.” “The age of consent lawsare not clear enough.”

Thailand’s new panda baby?

Thailand’s panda Lin Hui is pregnant. What do you think?   Miaow Hi-So Nid PDRC Protester Fritzl Sex Tourist “As long as the baby is black and white, it should fit right in with our society.”     “How can we trust anyone born in the North?”       “It wasn’t me. I never touched her.”           

Fines For Making Calls In Cinemas?

The Philippines is proposing a law fining cinema patrons who talk on their mobile phones. What do you think? Miaow Pik Maneet Hi-So Marketing Director, Major Cineplex Thai Film Director “I’m catching Les Mis at Emporium tonight at 8 pm. Call me then and I’ll tell you what I think.” “It’s not enough. We are pushing for a new law fining patrons who don’t... 

Guards Asked to Clear Out for Royal Supporters?

HM the King asked the Royal Guards to move off Royal Plaza so more well-wishers could attend his birthday audience. What do you think? Udomrat Nid Vorawan Khunying Well-wisher PAD Member “Once again, His Majesty has show us what’s most important: maximizing the numbers of people prostrating before a man waving from a balcony.” “I’m just glad the 29th Cavalary will...