NotTheNation Compared To AIDS, Corruption, Panda Channel

“What has stood the test of time in this country is rather odd. Things like military coups refuse to go away, as do corruption, poverty, the Aids epidemic, the Panda Channel and” Read the full book review here.

Chinese Newspaper Falls for ‘Sexiest’ Kim

“North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has been named 2012′s Sexiest Man Alive, China’s Communist Party newspaper proclaimed Tuesday after treating a spoof award by satirical US website The Onion as genuine.” Read the full story here.

Yingluck In Love With Obama

“Prime Minister Shinawatra is lovesick and wants to return with President Obama to live with him at The White House. ‘The Prime Minister doesn’t care if she is the second wife to Michelle, she just wants to be with Barack Obama and will do anything for him,’ said a source in the Thai government. ‘She’s madly in love.’ Read the full story here.

Dhammakaya ‘Knows’ Jobs’ Afterlife

From the Bangkok Post: “Wat Phra Dhammakaya in Pathum Thani province on Monday stirred an internet controversy when it released an article on its website referring to the afterlife of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, claiming the American legend has been reincarnated as a mid-level angel dwelling not far from his Apple office in a parallel world.” Read the full story here.

Whistle Blower Appears Unusually Rich: Democrat MP

From The Nation: “Graft whistle blower Ruangkrai Leekitwattana appears unusually rich, having amassed Bt34 million in three years, Democrat MP Sathit Pitutecha said on Wednesday.” Read the full story here.