Shirt sponsorship, SamutPrakarn FC. Own a piece of Thai domestic football! Bt2000 o.b.o. (must provide shirts).


Additional two meters of elevation. Ask for Ayuttaya Province.


Hit man. Must be willing to take out loudmouth, whistle-blowing, mustached MP, and his little dog too. Contact

Defense Minister Angers Army With Talk Of “Meritocracy”

BANGKOK – Freshly appointed Defense Minister General Yuthasak Sasiprapha created another stir for the new Pheu Thai government this week with a controversial promise that this year’s transfer of senior military commanders would be based on merit. In a radical break from tradition that has no precedent in Thailand’s military history, Yuthasak declared that promotions should be based on... 

US Embassy ‘Disappointed’ That Joe Gordon Not Blonde, Young, Female

BANGKOK — The U.S. said Friday it is “disappointed” that Thailand has charged an elderly, ethnically Asian and non-telegenic American citizen with insulting the country’s monarchy, a severe offense that carries a penalty of up to 15 years in prison. Joe Gordon, a Thai-born and Thai-looking 54-year-old academic, has been accused of translating sections of a banned biography of revered King...