Whistle Blower Appears Unusually Rich: Democrat MP

From The Nation: “Graft whistle blower Ruangkrai Leekitwattana appears unusually rich, having amassed Bt34 million in three years, Democrat MP Sathit Pitutecha said on Wednesday.” Read the full story here.

Nation Prepares To Care About Women’s Weightlifting For A Week

BANGKOK – As the London Olympic Games approach, Thais around the country are gearing up for the quadrennial practice of caring intensely about women’s weightlifting as a sporting event for a period of about six or seven days. “Our weight-lifting women are the pride of the kingdom,” said Sports Minister Weerasak Kowsurat. “At least from now until, say, mid-August.” Already the pre-Olympic... 


Commenters on Bangkok Post website who actually understand monetary policy, Thai history, and causality vs correlation.


1.6 million pseudoephedrine cold pills to replace defunct Lamphun supplier. Contact Nyaw at Chiang Rai border.

NASA Weather Project Deemed Insufficiently Illegal For US-Thai Standards

U-TAPAO, CHONBURI – To the disappointment of both scientists and analysts, a proposed NASA project to conduct weather-surveying missions from Thailand has been rejected by the Thai government for being too clean and legitimate. “While we regret having to say no to our American friends, the fact is this doesn’t pass the odious standards set by a century of US-Thai relations,” explained Foreign...