Chinese Newspaper Falls for ‘Sexiest’ Kim

“North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has been named 2012′s Sexiest Man Alive, China’s Communist Party newspaper proclaimed Tuesday after treating a spoof award by satirical US website The Onion as genuine.” Read the full story here.

Yingluck In Love With Obama

“Prime Minister Shinawatra is lovesick and wants to return with President Obama to live with him at The White House. ‘The Prime Minister doesn’t care if she is the second wife to Michelle, she just wants to be with Barack Obama and will do anything for him,’ said a source in the Thai government. ‘She’s madly in love.’ Read the full story here.

Allow Me To Explain Our Version Of Thai History

You seem a little confused by all of this, so let me try and help you understand what’s really going on. As a Thai person, I have a unique insight into the situation that you simply do not. You can’t appreciate our country’s current events just by reading those academic, peer-reviewed books of yours, because they rely far too much on facts and corroboration, and miss out on the nuances that define... 

Guards Asked to Clear Out for Royal Supporters?

HM the King asked the Royal Guards to move off Royal Plaza so more well-wishers could attend his birthday audience. What do you think? Udomrat Nid Vorawan Khunying Well-wisher PAD Member “Once again, His Majesty has show us what’s most important: maximizing the numbers of people prostrating before a man waving from a balcony.” “I’m just glad the 29th Cavalary will... 

Obama Celebrates Thai Culture By Causing Massive Bangkok Traffic Jam

BANGKOK – Newly re-elected US President Barack Obama’s visit to the Thailand last month was highlighted with a very special participation in one of the kingdom’s most famous cultural rituals: the creation of city-wide traffic gridlock for the sake of just one person. “President Obama was very interested in balancing the business of this state visit with some cultural events as well,” explained...