Track of BTS and MRT extensions. Why isn’t anyone talking about them anymore?


Army or palace to back up anti-government movement. Because you know, without them we’re totally useless. Contact: anyone with a whistle.

Awful Bangkok Wine Bar Names Traced Back To Single Awful Copywriter

BANGKOK – In a shocking revelation that has rocked the F&B advertising and marketing world, the mystery of Bangkok’s ridiculously-monikered wine establishments has been conclusively shown to be the work of a single, horrible English-language copywriter. NTN investigations have proven that Dmitri Kafelnic, a Romanian-born British citizen, is the creative mind behind the dozens of grammatical... 

Yingluck Announces Pledged-Rice Ski Mountain

  BANGKOK – Attempting to counter accusations of economic mismanagement, the government unveiled today a bold proposal to turn all of its unsold rice stocks into a “world-class tourist attraction and sports destination” by creating the world’s largest artificial ski mountain. At a joint press conference with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra revealed images... 

Drunk-On-Victory Suthep Forced Into Taxi By Concerned Friends

    DEMOCRACY MONUMENT – Political opposition leader Suthep Thaugsuban’s month-long protest excursion was forcibly ended Tuesday night by his own friends and family, who expressed deep concern that the former Democrat MP and longtime anti-Thaksinite had “had enough.”  Having participated in non-stop protesting since mid-October, when the ruling Pheu Thai party first proposed its blanket...