Thaksin To Employ ‘Dual Track’ Political Strategy

BANGKOK – Taking a cue from his much heralded “dual-track” economic policy, deposed premier Thaksin Shinawatra has implemented a “dual-track” political strategy in which he simultaneously tells the public he wants out of politics while maintaining a high profile and advising a political party. The new policy will give him flexibility to confuse journalists with vague statements... 

Tiger Woods Breaks PGA Record For Denying Own Ethnicity

WINDMERE, FLORIDA – Coming into the end of 2007, Tiger Woods continues to break golf’s most hallowed records. Having recently collected his record ninth Golf Writers Association of America Award and his ninth PGA Player of the Year Award in 2007, the world #1 has also set a new mark in golf history by breaking Jim Thorpe’s long-standing mark of 4,248 consecutive days as a non-white PGA tour player... 

Supichaya Kaewkanok Casts Ballot

Good job Supichaya.

Local Woman Has Not Cast Ballot

Pariya Raksanaves is on her way to the polling station now though.

I Don’t Give A F**k If Your Windshield Is Already Clean

Red light. That’s my cue. Here, let me give the windshield of your shiny new Mercedes a few apathetic strokes with my wadded-up copy of yesterday’s Thai Rath. Sorry, but I lost my washcloth to a soi dog the other day. It happens when you share a bed with semi-feral street animals.  Anyway, the newspaper does just as well in streaking this watery fluid of dubious origin that I’ve...