Our Year-in-Review 2010

2010 started on a promising note as the Kingdom gained world-wide plaudits for its aid to Haitian earthquake victims: Thailand Donates 50,000 Bottles of Whitening Skin Cream To Haiti In February, tens of millions of Thais were glued to their screens and radios for a historic Supreme Court reading: Supreme Court Judge Adds Entire Unpublished Screenplay To 900-Page Verdict In March, the foreign media... 

1 in 10 Thais on Facebook?

According to new data, 10% of the Thai population is on Facebook. What do you think? Lek Fritzl Somchai Bar Girl Sex Tourist Farmer “Which part of ‘It’s complicated’ don’t you understand?” “But they’re still not allowing under-14s to join, so it doesn’t help me.” “So when will the government subsidize my Farmville losses?”


Council for Resolution of Emergency Situation stationery, pens, patches, coffee mugs, etc. Everything must go. Future collector’s items. Ask for Prawit.


Negative Thai vacation experiences to confirm own racist, nationalist prejudices. No imperfection too small to exaggerate. Ask for Dave @ Sheraton.


NotTheNation T-shirts. Enough of this “Coming Soon” bullshit. Thanong has one and he’s a not even a real journalist. Where’s mine? Email me @Thaiblogger/Facebook.